A poem I wrote during my existential crisis during university. Enjoy.

wallpaper abyss-3

Is concern empty,

Or a means to do good?

Keep us locked in the woods,

from the truthful unseen.


Is it our way,

to break right from wrong?

A simple impasse to hinder the strong,

each night and day.


Construction of thought;

we test what is told

and all that is taught.

To find what we hold,

is endlessly fraught,

till we grow old.



#DWTSmith #nihilism

7 thoughts on “Nihilism

  1. Douglas apologies for posting here but I thought I should mention that your Tuesday Discussion post (yesterday) is coming up with Page Not Found when you click on the title!

  2. couldn’t be more true, though i feel like these thoughts sometimes stick with us throughout the rest of our lives. this was a concise composition of a poem, well done!