Student Testimony


Opportunities are everywhere.

I was asked to do an interview for Open Universities Australia in my local paper. I was more than okay to participate (Why Douglas studied online).

Open Universities Australia were more than happy with my interview and offered me an online, video interview. As an aspiring author that needs to be in the public spotlight as much as possible, I did it. It was an experience and I am grateful I accepted the opportunity.

I am overwhelmed with the result and I hope this gives the public a glance into my life and where I am now with my writing journey.

Excerpt:Douglas is ready to take on the challenge of writing professionally. “At the moment I’m writing my first novel,” says Douglas. “I’ve set strict short term goals to abide by each week”. Douglas writes in the fantasy genre, but he draws upon reality to craft his themes and plot points. “It’s a fantasy novel – it’s ultimately about family relationships and coming of age. These are real things that happen to real people. I write about a fantasy world and make it relatable to everyday life”. Douglas’ major in sociology goes hand-in-hand with his writing, as he’s able to explore what makes humans behave the way they do. “

Here is the full blog – Riding the Creative Wave


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5 thoughts on “Student Testimony

  1. Really well done video Douglas – you speak well! I’m sure your writing journey will bring you to a successful conclusion 🙂

  2. I love the video, Douglas! Nicely done. I can only wish you all the best on your writing journey. 🙂