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Hellooo!!!  As you can see, this is just a blog written by a teenage girl with too much to say.  This teenage girl is currently studying Shakespeare and Robin Lakoff at college alongside Mozart and Herman.  Nice combination right?  English, Literature and Music.  Funsies!!!


Q1 – If you could tell your younger self anything, what would it be?

I would, if it were possible, tell my younger self to be more confident.  I have only recently learned to accept myself in terms of my personality, my humour, my appearance and looking back on myself a few years ago, I cannot quite understand why I was so self conscious.  All throughout primary and high school, I would be too scared to just stand up to put a piece of paper in the bin in the fear that I would be looked at judged for how I looked.  Now, however, I have accepted and am even beginning to like how I look and what comes out of my mouth.  I hope anyone who reads this can relate in some way and take away from this even just a hint of self approval.  You are a beautiful, brilliantly amazing human being so start acting like it!!!  Yes, you will be put down in life by odd individuals, but you will also be praised by communities, groups, societies who actually enjoy and deserve your company!  Surely that should outweigh that one snot-nosed, self-absorbed, egotistical little brat that declared you fat in the corridor at break one time in year 9.  (I’m proudly English by the way so please excuse the foreign schooling terms, the same message applies however).

Q2 – When was that moment when you realised that language had power?

 I never really understood the power that language could actually have until studying the fascinating language of English at an A-level standard.  It was only then (so, fairly recently) that I finally appreciated the effect and control it can actually have.  When you come to realise that English as a language can define yourself as well as others, that is the moment when one can truly come to fully appreciate the power and responsibility language can actually have.

Q3 – Who is your favourite author and why?

It is difficult to choose just one author as a favourite; it is extremely rare for an individual to admire and love every single work one person has ever produced.  If the question were: What is your favourite book? then that would achieve a much simpler answer.  However, that is not the question being asked.  My favourite author, that one person who, no matter what they write, I will undoubtably read, is Lemony Snicket.  His incredible and stylish outcome he has after putting pen to paper never fails to astonish me.  From ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ to ‘All the Wrong Queations’ Snicket manages to maintain a sinister yet entertaining mood to his stories.  This, although rather dreary, is by far my favourite style of a writer I have ever come across.

Q4 – If you didn’t write, what would you do?

Quite a simple answer, I would be a Police Officer.  A bit random, I know, but it has always been my backup career if teaching English never really worked out.

Q5 – What accomplishments do you want at the end of the year?

 I would like to accomplish a mature yet witty style to my writing.  Currently, I have found difficulty combining these two contrasting styles but, by the end of this year, I aspire to have conquered this slight struggle I have come to face.

Q6 – Why did you contact me to do this questionnaire?

I have always enjoyed being as helpful as possible.  So, when I saw your request for volunteers to assist you on your blog by answering some simple questions, I was instantly eager to answer your proposal.  I hope I was of somewhat use to you and I hope that we can help each other out again I the near future.

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