Writing exercise

I recently discovered this exercise from a friend.

Set a timer for ten minutes, choose a letter and write at least twenty words with a minimum of two syllables.

It’s a great idea on three levels.
1. It engages your memory of your vocabulary.
2. The set timer is short and sweet, allowing you to stay focused and start your writing muscle; and
3. It’s fun!

You can do it alone or with a writing companion. Give it a try and let me know how you go! It’s a fun writing exercise that will hopefully help improve your vocabulary.

Here is a photo of mine, if you need some inspiration.

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18 thoughts on “Writing exercise

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    1. In the Balkans, we call that game “Fun Geography” and it has more columns than just four that you have listed. It is a great fun, I’ll give you that, even better when played with people from other countries. I like your comment, It brings back memories.

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      1. “Fun Geography” sounds cool! Should be fun to play. And yes, the one I said also has a few more columns to it, but for the sake of brevity the name is shortened.
        You should try to conduct such Writing exercises or challenges here! I’ll be very happy to join in!! 🙂

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  1. An interesting exercise! I chose ‘S’ and ‘M’ and found I had to think harder with ‘M’, but the words were more interesting! The other thing was in both cases I had over twenty words in four minutes. It would be fun to do it with another person and see what their words were. 🙂


  2. Wow, Amazing idea, there’s more that we can do to increase our vocabulary that is to make sentences from the words, it makes us remember the word and its meaning when used them in a sentence.


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