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It has been a while since I last posted, nevertheless it does not mean I am not writing. I still am editing my first novel draft.

I have been out of the groove  with blogging but now I am established in a new house, a regular routine with work and have an office surrounded by my library. Hopefully with these things finally in place I can get in routine and jump back onto National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and  blogging.

If you are a new follower, I thank you and sorry for the absence.

One of the regular posts I used to do was, Tuesday Discussion. If you are unsure what I mean you can check out my last post ——– here ———

With NaNoWriMo this month, we have to organize our life schedule.

This weeks Tuesday Discussion is: Finding Time To Write

How do you find time to write? And do you need your own writing space?

For me, It’s tough. Since I have been working as  Teacher’s Aide for children with autism, I set timers.

I did a post a while ago about how to break writer’s blocks  (here it is)  and my fourth point is – Allocate time. I set a timer and turn off all my devices and write pen onto paper. I set thirty minute timer and if I am still in the writing frame of mind, I reset it.

This method helps write when I sit down but to find time, I either do it late at night or early in the morning when the world is still and silent.

Yes, I definitely need my own space hence, the delayed blog posts. I like being surrounded by either my bookcases at home or somewhere away from notifications, crowds and distractions.

How do you find time to write?

And, do you need to write in your own space?

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6 thoughts on “Tuesday Discussion

  1. ah, i wish i could take a few hours of quiet to write without any interruption. but nope. my laptop? i sit with it on the living room so that i can keep an ear out for my kids. meanwhile there’s shouting, tv, ongoing games, disputes. i even get to listen to my neighbour’skid rant! and let’s not forget the fights i have to intervene. *sigh* anyway, glad your back. welcome back to the bloggosphere!

    • It sounds like you have a lot of interruptions.
      If you are able to persist with your passion through distraction; you know where your heart lies.
      Thank you, it’s excellent to be back 😊👌

  2. To overcome a writer’s block I would warmly suggest more discipline rather than the speed writing. I would also like to mention a method of keeping up with the writing, which is: when you decide to stop writing, stop when you reach the “hook” or “cliff hanger” of the paragraph. That way, you will have a natural pull to write and you would have already imagined scene you will be doing.

    • I agree with discipline writing however I wasn’t suggesting to speed write but to write for an amount of time. The act of writing and disconnecting from any distractions for a set amount of time, even if it was one page, at least you are writing.
      Yes! I love that method, it is one of my favourites and it is on my “Writers block” post, which I linked above.
      Thank you for the contribution ✌️