Friday Reads

Friday reads

Last #fridayreads I finished the second installment to Ian Irvine’s The View from the Mirror series ‘The Tower on the Rift’.

I will be reading books three and four, but not yet instead I moved onto a collections of fantasy short stories, the ‘Basilisk’. The thing I love about a collection of short stories is you can read a short story once a week or month, in no chronological order. However, I have not finished all the short stories but I moved onto a series I have been dying to read, before I finish Ian Irvine’s, is
Martin Middleton’s Chronicles of the Custodians series. 

The books I am reading have an underlying theme – Australian Authors.

Martin Middleton was born in London. In 1960, his family immigrated to Australia and lived in Brisbane. They now reside in Cairns, Australia. A life of a veteran and an avid reader of science fiction/fantasy novels. Since the success of Martins novels, he wished he begun the author journey earlier in life.

‘CIRCLE OF LIGHT’  – A magical kingdom is threatened with ruin unless a long lost prince sold into slavery years before can return to claim his throne. Four soldiers embark on an epic journey to find the prince and save the realm. They are joined by Teal, a young bondservant who has a hidden destiny.

I have rated this book three stars out five.

The Pros and Cons to my book review for this book.


  • Overall plot is excellent
  • The chapters progress at an engaging speed. Each chapter is a scene with a beginning, middle and end that intrigued me and wanted to continue reading
  • The weaponry and armour are distinct to each character.


  • Characters seem one-dimensional, the main character Teal shows a few deeper layers but the side characters don’t show any depth – their main goal is to aid Teal and no personal  goals or motivation.
  • Chapters seem to be fillers for the main plot. At times it reads as a first edited draft
  • 1st person P.O.V limits the novels potential

I think if the novel was limited 3rd person, more depth in the characters, plot and settings could be established. However, Martin Middleton is an Australian Fantasy Author and I would still recommend for fans of the genre.

What are you reading at the moment?

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