Friday Reads – CotC

Last #fridayreads I finished the first installment to Martin Middletons Chronicles of the Custodians series.(CotC)

The second installment follows Teal’s journey of self discovery, with the help of his Circle of Light, he battles the forces of darkness who dominate the dark forces of the land.

Like the ‘Circle of Light’ the story continues at engaging pace with a well-developed overall plot line. The second novel came to an intriguing climax with questions still unanswered for the last novel of the Chronicles of Custodian series.
However, my major concern with this novel is the main character, Teal. Teal is a sixteen year-old boy, coming of age but most of the time he seems to be a lot older and wiser. A continuing downfall from the first novel was all the other side characters seem one-dimensional as they are only there to serve for Teals purpose.

I still think if the novel was limited 3rd person, more depth in the characters, side characters, plot and settings could be established.

Some readers might disagree, if you have read this and disagree, please share your thoughts.

What are you reading at the moment?

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