Different Point of Views

It is that time of the week – Discussion Tuesday.

Thoughts, ideas and questions are exchanged from blogger to author; writer to reader and vise versa.
If you missed last weeks discussion about fantasy sub-genres,  it’s never too late.

This week’s discussion is: point of view

The three points of view for any fictional novel is: first, second and third person.

To clarify between them:

  • First person: The immediate point of view from the protagonist telling the story. The story uses ownership phrases such as ‘I’, ‘me’ and ‘my’.
  • Second person: This point of view uses the ‘you’, ‘your’ construction to make the reader the protagonist.
  • Third person: The point of view from a narrator that is limited or omniscient.

The difference between omniscient and limited are: protagonist focus.

Classic stories have have the third-person omniscient narrator and it confuses the reader when they jump from one character to another in the same scene. Whereas limited there is a smoother transition between point of view (if you have multiple character p.o.v) with chapter or section breaks.

The point of view I write in is, third person limited.

My preference for reading depends on the genre. If I was to read a fantasy series, I would prefer third-person limited or omniscient because there will be world-building and information to absorb.

As a writer: What is your comfortable point of view?

As a reader: What point of view do you prefer to read?

Post your comments and answers below. If you think someone has an interesting point of view and answer, please invite them or share this post to them.

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4 thoughts on “Different Point of Views

  1. I prefer third person limited. I think in this fashion you are more readily able to leave the reader guessing instead of telling them everything

    • I definitely agree. As the author, you have more control of the relationship between the reader and protagonist.
      Fore-shadowing is a literary device I love and I will be posting more about it, to see what other bloggers and authors think 👍
      Thank you for contributing 😃