We are back from our adventures in Thailand via Malaysia.

Expectations vs. Reality

We stayed in Phuket and Patong. The streets crowded with tourists bargaining souvenirs and hassled by locals to watch ping-pong shows, have tailor-made suits, eat their food or drink cocktails in front of ladies pole-dancing.

Street-food and night markets stood out the most for us: cheap, fresh and delicious.

Thailand was overwhelming.

It seemed beautiful in all the photos – the sparkling water and moss covered cliffs.  I am a person of nature and, in that sense, Thailand disappointed me.

It was disappointing and heartbreaking to see the effect of tourism on a majestic place.
We were unaware of the critical impact to the islands: hundreds of speed-boat tour guides flocking to the sacred lagoon, rubbish floated along the cliff edges, layers of rainbow polluted the water and motors disturbing the ecosystem; and thousands of people contributing to the cycle of devastation to Phi Phi Island and the national park.

The officials are closing it for 4 months, it should be longer. Within a week of reopening the national park, it will be reverted to what it once was.

To return to one’s home, the shoes you wore no longer fit.

It reminded us of how lucky some people are and an appreciation of our sheltered home and it forewarned our environmental footprint on earth.

Here are some photos, till next post.

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