Liebster 2018 Award

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been nominated by the wonderful Jess Moore for a Liebster nomination.

What exactly is a Liebster Award? The official rules can be found here.
Its purpose is to provide exposure for those in the blogging community and to provide readers with blogs that they might not otherwise know about. As part of the contest, I have the pleasure of answering three questions and create quirky questions for my nominees to answer on their blog. Without further ado, here are my responses:

A Collection of Thoughts, Feelings, and Imaginary Worlds:

Which fictional character would make the best roommate and why?

That’s a tough one. Maybe Bilbo Baggins because he can cook whilst keeping the rest of the house in a precise order so clutter does not fill. Or, Pug from Raymond E. Fiest’s Magician, always ready for adventure and learning the arts of magic.

If you could live in one season forever which would it be?

It would be Spring. The day temperature can stretch from the hotness of Summer and the coolness of Winter; nights can as well. I can either snuggle up with a book or sit at my desk outside and write. With warmer temperatures outside is an option for writing and reading; and other activities with the partner.

What are some goals you’re planning on crushing this year?

My main goal is to publish my first novel. I am in the first edit stage and I want that finished by the end of June so I can send it to beta-readers.

Here are my nominations and their questions:

Josh Hutchins

Chantelle Griffin


The Coral Writer

Elijah Richard

Bits and Dragons

What Challenges Have You Set for Yourself?

If you were to recommended  a book to someone what would it be? and why?

Describe your favourite place, using any three of the five senses.

Goodluck to my nominees and please remember to share, comment, like my post and please follow the rules.

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