Be Focused and Finish Your Novel

It’s funny. I promised I would attempt to post regularly on my blog––and it’s not the first time I’ve made that promise with my followers. Each time I apologize but this time: I’m not sorry.

Okay, maybe I am a little bit but over the past months, I devised a writing routine that works for my lifestyle and busy schedule. It has taken me a long time to work out the best and most productive writing life for me.

It might take writers and authors days, weeks, months or years to work it out but once you work it out, you don’t want to break that cycle. I don’t want to break the writing cycle I’ve created for me.

I’ve found, writing early morning suits my life schedule. Before I tested the early morning writing, early mornings were for my blog.

As I look on it now, I spent a lot of time on my blog, giving writing advice (which is great and I love providing that to other writers and authors––which I won’t stop doing, it might take a while to sort out but that’s a promise I won’t break) and I actually did very little writing towards my novels.

I use this app, BeFocused. It has been so helpful in tracking my writing progress. In the months, July-Aug I wrote a total of 68hrs. Compared to the months before that, May-June, I wrote a total of 33hrs. In the latter, I doubled my time writing towards my novel.

I hope this all explains my absence but as I’m trying to work out my routine and life commitments, I will still try to incorporate my blog into my busy schedule.

What are your writing routines?

Do you use any apps to help keep track of your projects?


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8 thoughts on “Be Focused and Finish Your Novel

  1. I write and blog whenever I can, in between other things and when I have quite times at work or home. A schedule doesn’t work for me but I try to spend at least 1 hour a day on my novel. I also work 6 hours a day and often more.

  2. I find it very difficult NOT to read some of the many posts and emails I receive. I have learned much this way…BUT it is most time-consuming and – although I am now slower (several mini-strokes over the years) but still very much ‘with it,’ – I want to finish the book I’m writing and continue blogging, so I’ll have to concentrate on the latter.(Wonder whether I’ll keep up?) Best intentions and all that. Cheers.