Discussion Tuesday

Creating a title for your work.

To run from a recent post. I finished my first draft of my novel. 

I feel I am stumped with the title. I have had people asking me, What’s it called? I don’t know yet.

I came to conclusion. A Book Title = the essence of your book + a twist.

Simple right? Not for me. Until recent, I never thought about the immense pressure on the book title.

This week’s topic is: Book titles.

Am I the only one that feels confused on how to make a book title that will make or break your sales?

If there are any published authors, how did you conjure your book title?

Aspiring authors in draft stages, are you stuck like me? If not, how did your title come about?

Leave your comments below. Please share, tag or re-post this topic to someone that would have an opinion.

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Madness of Hallen 

The Madness of Hallen by Russell Meek.


It took too long to draw me in. The first ten chapters were really slow, alot of world building and telling instead of showing (except some scenes).
I wasn’t convinced with the relationship and hardship with Ohrl and Keysa. Maybe the second book will answer a few questions and cement the history, Meek tells us.

The reason I changed my review to 3 from 2 was some of the scenes. He shows them and made me feel immersed in those particular moments, especially the with the kaaldreer.

In saying all this, I still decided to finish for numerous reasons.

Firstly, I met him at a market in NZ selling his books. He told me the story of how it all begun, self-publishing story and his future plans. In that aspect, I admire him and respect him as an author.
Secondly, he is an indie author and self-published.
Thirdly, he designed and photographed the covers; and
Lastly, he is passionate about writing.

Overall, read the book but be prepared for a slow beginning.

Here is his website, Russell Meek.

and a trailer for Madness of Hallen.


Short or/ and Long-term Goals

Hello everyone,

I’m back and it feels grand to be exploring blogs, absorbing ideas and, most of all, engaging with my followers online.

I had an interesting few days and I was dying to post new ideas and thoughts.

At the start of my blog I aimed for 50 followers and week, that was 6 weeks ago and I just reached 450! A lot more than I had intended and I am more than thrilled to know that I have attracted my blog across the 5 oceans. Thank you to all of you.

There was a reason for my boasting and that was to start the weekly Tuesday discussion.

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Burimen Brothers V

#Fantasyfriday is here.

The fifth installment for my online novel is here!

And all the previous installments are here!

I,     II,    III,   IV.



Dragons fire-breath scorched the grass plains, men and women rode bears through the defence lines; and eagles swooped at the catapults firing boulders. Chaos was amongst the world and a man, morphed with his horse, shouted to his army to charge at the animal riders. People burned and animals crushed by the launched boulders. I watched from a hilltop in the distance. Alone and divided, I was between the two forces. Bushes rustled behind me, I spun around and a lady on a snow leopard pierced her spear into my navel.

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Discussion Tuesday

I have been wanting to engage with all new followers and present followers, so I came up with this idea of Discussion Tuesday. A day to interact online directly to anyone on a few topics (first post for discussion, one will start it off).

The topic today is Reading.

Reading goes in the other hand of the pen like listening and playing music. I read a lot but I see other blogs reviewing an excessive amount of books, which I can not keep up with, as a writer.

I want to know if other writers feel the same.

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