Five Reasons Readers Should Leave Book Reviews

To begin, this is a call-out for Book Reviewers for the Of Metal and Magic: Compendium One

To begin the topic of the title, I started the discussion in a recent post, Of Metal and Magic: Compendium One and Book Reviews but I wanted to dive deeper into the topic of book reviews and how it can help authors.

Below are Five Reason Readers Should Post Book Reviews.


Ten Reasons to Read Books

Reading books makes us an all round better person by making us happier. It helps our ability to communicate, it boosts our creativity, and brings our humanity into sharp focus.

So here’s a quick list why people should read more books:


Friday Reads – Memory, Thorn and Sorrow

I finished the final installment to Martin Middletons Chronicles of the Custodians series.(CotC), The Sphere of Influence.
Onto the next series that influenced George R. R. Martins and shaped Game of Thrones in thirty ways, Tad Williams – Memory, Sorrow and Thorn. 

Michaela Mouths – Questionnaire

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Hellooo!!!  As you can see, this is just a blog written by a teenage girl with too much to say.  This teenage girl is currently studying Shakespeare and Robin Lakoff at college alongside Mozart and Herman.  Nice combination right?  English, Literature and Music.  Funsies!!!

Q1 – If you could tell your younger self anything, what would it be?

I would, if it were possible, tell my younger self to be more confident.  I have only recently learned to accept myself in terms of my personality, my humour, my appearance and looking back on myself a few years ago, I cannot quite understand why I was so self conscious.  All throughout primary and high school, I would be too scared to just stand up to put a piece of paper in the bin in the fear that I would be looked at judged for how I looked.  Now, however, I have accepted and am even beginning to like how I look and what comes out of my mouth.  I hope anyone who reads this can relate in some way and take away from this even just a hint of self approval.  You are a beautiful, brilliantly amazing human being so start acting like it!!!  Yes, you will be put down in life by odd individuals, but you will also be praised by communities, groups, societies who actually enjoy and deserve your company!  Surely that should outweigh that one snot-nosed, self-absorbed, egotistical little brat that declared you fat in the corridor at break one time in year 9.  (I’m proudly English by the way so please excuse the foreign schooling terms, the same message applies however).

Q2 – When was that moment when you realised that language had power?

 I never really understood the power that language could actually have until studying the fascinating language of English at an A-level standard.  It was only then (so, fairly recently) that I finally appreciated the effect and control it can actually have.  When you come to realise that English as a language can define yourself as well as others, that is the moment when one can truly come to fully appreciate the power and responsibility language can actually have.

Q3 – Who is your favourite author and why?

It is difficult to choose just one author as a favourite; it is extremely rare for an individual to admire and love every single work one person has ever produced.  If the question were: What is your favourite book? then that would achieve a much simpler answer.  However, that is not the question being asked.  My favourite author, that one person who, no matter what they write, I will undoubtably read, is Lemony Snicket.  His incredible and stylish outcome he has after putting pen to paper never fails to astonish me.  From ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ to ‘All the Wrong Queations’ Snicket manages to maintain a sinister yet entertaining mood to his stories.  This, although rather dreary, is by far my favourite style of a writer I have ever come across.

Q4 – If you didn’t write, what would you do?

Quite a simple answer, I would be a Police Officer.  A bit random, I know, but it has always been my backup career if teaching English never really worked out.

Q5 – What accomplishments do you want at the end of the year?

 I would like to accomplish a mature yet witty style to my writing.  Currently, I have found difficulty combining these two contrasting styles but, by the end of this year, I aspire to have conquered this slight struggle I have come to face.

Q6 – Why did you contact me to do this questionnaire?

I have always enjoyed being as helpful as possible.  So, when I saw your request for volunteers to assist you on your blog by answering some simple questions, I was instantly eager to answer your proposal.  I hope I was of somewhat use to you and I hope that we can help each other out again I the near future.

Jina S. Bazzar – Questionnaire

Questionnaire – Jina S. Bazzar

Bio: I am a Brazilian born, Palestinian descendant, 33 year old mother of three hooligans. I write fantasy books, read almost anything and my disability doesn’t hamper me.

1- When was that moment when you realized that language had power?

Well, I’ve been reading for a very long time. I remember my very first comic book when

I was very young, and the love for poetry that followed. I remember going to the school’s

library and reading poems about the alphabet. I remember talking to friends about the

hidden meaning of something funny that they had to read twice to grasp (which meant it

was no longer funny). And I’ve always preferred books to movies. But although I’ve tried

once during high school to write a book, it was only after I became blind that I fully

comprehended the power of words, tools that could be wielded and shaped according to

what, or how I desired them to be. Words, carefully crafted, have the power to capture, to

repel, to make you laugh, or cry, even fear.

2- Who is your favorite author and why?

I have a lot of favorite authors but . . . kudos goes to Nora Roberts. I’ve read more than

140 of her books (including novellas, anthropologies and her In Death series under the

name JD Robb) and her work have never failed to astonish and capture me. Roberts has

“that way with words” that every writer wishes for: They are simple, descriptive and

realistic to the point that you can envision exactly what she wants you to see.

3- How do you select names for your characters?

Well, you got me here. Usually I go for the first that pops into my mind, but sometimes I

realize that “john” wasn’t a good fit for the character I want “john” to be, so I fish on the

internet. For example, if he’s American, I go for American names – select the one that

catches my attention; if he’s Russian, I go for Russian – choose the one that sounds like

my character. I do the same for surnames.

4- If you didn’t write, what would you do?

Easy one. I would read.

5- Why did you contact me to do this questionnaire?

The honest truth? Sounded like a fun way to get people to know you.

Back in Motion

I’m back. What a break I have had. It was my first long break from technology, writing and reading.

It was more of a time to reflect on the world around me and to enjoy my mother’s 60th in Hobart, Tasmania with my family and partner.

Now I’m back and time to get back into motion with my online engagement.


Discussion Tuesday

Creating a title for your work.

To run from a recent post. I finished my first draft of my novel. 

I feel I am stumped with the title. I have had people asking me, What’s it called? I don’t know yet.

I came to conclusion. A Book Title = the essence of your book + a twist.

Simple right? Not for me. Until recent, I never thought about the immense pressure on the book title.

This week’s topic is: Book titles.

Am I the only one that feels confused on how to make a book title that will make or break your sales?

If there are any published authors, how did you conjure your book title?

Aspiring authors in draft stages, are you stuck like me? If not, how did your title come about?

Leave your comments below. Please share, tag or re-post this topic to someone that would have an opinion.

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Bloggers for questionnaire

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If any authors, bloggers, or aspiring writers would like to participate in a questionnaire for my blog, please email me on by the end of the month (30th of June) !!

I have 5 questions to ask you and I’ll post your answers on my blog. I would like to do it over two weeks, and post a few a week. If it all goes well, I’ll do it a few times and if I get a lot of interest. I’ll post them all in the time frame I am allowing this round.

The point of this is to interact with other people in my position and hear your stories.

Also, if there are any other bloggers doing a questionnaire, I would be more than happy to participate.

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