How Writing a Novella Helped My Writing

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Since publishing Shadow Of The Wicked, I’ve had a lot of people asking me why I chose to write a novella instead of a full-length novel. I’ve had people suggesting it to be too much effort, or was I looking for a specific target audience. The truth to why is below but first, if you’re new to this term novella, I’ll discuss what it is and then answer, why I chose to write one.


Shadow Of The Wicked

I know I’ve been plugging my novella, but it is now available to purchase! Thank you for following my journey and I hope you finally get a chance to see my writing style in my first book.

Here are some of the reviews for it so far on GoodReads. Check out the rest of them here:

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“Shadow Of The Wicked was engrossing, the characters were well developed and the plotline (e en though short as it is for a novella) held my interest and kept me turning each page.” 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The characters were very well written. They both had a reason for their choices in life and the backstory really supported this. They felt very detailed and fleshed out and I found myself heavily invested in their decisions. When things got intense, I found myself routing for them and really hoping they survived. I also found myself physically grimacing at some of the torture scenes which made me feel like they were written very well and gave me a clear picture of what was happening.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I saw the cover of this novella, I knew immediately that I wanted to read it. I absolutely loved it.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The characters are rich, complex, and well developed. This novella is completely and utterly engrossing. It is suspenseful, intense and full of raw emotion. I could not put it down and because of that, it was a very quick read for me.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Overall it’s a super engrossing read. I got hooked on it from the very first page! It’s an amazing page-turner! The characters are solidly written and well developed. Their journeys have been well-crafted and written vividly.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Five Reasons Readers Should Leave Book Reviews

To begin, this is a call-out for Book Reviewers for the Of Metal and Magic: Compendium One

To begin the topic of the title, I started the discussion in a recent post, Of Metal and Magic: Compendium One and Book Reviews but I wanted to dive deeper into the topic of book reviews and how it can help authors.

Below are Five Reason Readers Should Post Book Reviews.


Five Ways To Stay Motivated When You’re Not Making Progress

Writer’s block is real. Every writer, at one point or another, has experienced this debilitating inability to make any real progress in his or her work.

A lack of progress can be discouraging for anyone, and sometimes it’s difficult to maintain the motivation needed to complete a long project.

If you’re not feeling motivated, it’s not a reflection of your abilities as a writer. Creativity can seem to ebb and flow according to its own schedule, and we all have to find a way to cope with the slow periods in anticipation of the next big spark.

Below are five ways to deal with writer’s block. Whenever I feel less than inspired, I start here.

I hope you can use these same strategies to stay motivated in your own writing when it seems as if you aren’t making any progress.


#FridayReads Challenge

Last year on my Goodreads account, I completed a reading challenge.

On a recent post, I shared my yearly #Fridayreads Challenge. I accepted and nominated eight books. I thought, if I at least set an achievable goal, it will motivate me to read more, however the eight books I chose were at least 700 pages long. In between the series I read short stories, poems and alot of articles on the craft of writing but I didn’t add those to my Goodreads challenge as they are alot shorter in length.

It has taken me awhile to complete the Memory, Thorn and Sorrow series by Tad Williams, but I did it. I highly recommend it for everybody who loves epic fantasy to read Tad Williams books.

What are you reading this week?


Five Ways to Master The Character Arc

What is a character arc?

“A character arc is the transformation or inner journey of a character over the course of a story. If a story has a character arc, the character begins as one sort of person, and during the story, things happen which gradually transforms him or her into a different sort of person.”

As I close the third round of editing for my novel, A Time of Stones, I realize the importance of character arcs and how they drive the reader through the story and finishing the novel.

Here are five ways that will help you help you master your character’s arc.


Five Reasons To Write What You Are Reading

Aside from writing itself, I believe reading is the single most important element in a healthy writing life.

As Natalie Goldberg pointed out:

If you read good books, when you write, good books will come out of you.

You should be reading the type of stories we want to write. Why? Here are five reasons.


Paperback or Electronic Books

It’s that time of the week – Tuesday Discussion.

From those who are new, each week I post a topic (relevant to my WIP) and try to unravel the mysteries and perspectives of it. Last weeks post was Work in Progress and this week is:

Paperback or Electronic books?


Inspiration to Write

We all experience it, the lack of inspiration, motivation and daily problems weave into our creativity time but how do we deal with it.

How do we spark the creativity and sit down in front of the blinking cursor to write?

Between simple life hacks and prioritizing your writing, you can finish your story.

Here are several tips for how to find time to write: