Six Superhero Quotes From Stan Lee

We were all saddened by the passing of Stan Lee, the legendary comic book artist and co-creator of some of pop culture’s most enduring superheroes. As a fiction writer, I have always appreciated Stan Lee’s method of writing, even though I have never written comics before – there are lessons in which fiction writers can learn from him.

Here are six inspiring quotes from the legendary creator of superheroes.

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To Build a World, Part Three

In last week’s post, I discussed some world-building basics for science fiction and fantasy writers. How to Build a World, Part Two.

These included tips about rules and consistency for information dumping, character point of views, and an in depth look at rules and magic.

This week I will point out the physical world, including the geography and cities in your fantasy/ sci-fi novel.

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Bryon Bay Writers Festival 2018

Byron identity-Mono

This weekend I am volunteering for the Byron Bay Writers Festival. I am super excited about being a Liasion and an Usher for the Main Stage (Southern Cross University Marque).

It is an important part of being a writer and communicating with like-minded people; and connecting with editors, authors, journalists etc… and the whole industry.

If anyone is in Australia and the North Coast Region of New South Wales, please come down to the festival and support our way of life.

To see the full program click here: Byron Bay Writers Festival.

#DWTSmith #byronwritersfestival



Six writing habits to avoid

During your first draft it is easy to fall into the tropes of sticky sentences, bad grammar etc.. As writers, we should be an editor to adjust, chop and expand on our characters, plot and settings, especially if we plan to self-publish – if not, producing a quality manuscript to send to an agent or publisher, you will need to be your own editor.

There are six common writing habits in manuscripts and here’s how to avoid them.

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