As we end the second week of NaNoWriMo and enter the second half we praise our accomplishments and adjust our goals and ambitions for the final phrase of our novels arc.

This week I was more concerned with plot structure and character arcs than word count.


Tuesday Discussion

It is that time of the week. Thoughts, ideas and questions are exchanged from blogger to author; writer to reader. A weekend of slow editing as my mind wondered unto the process after editing – what to do with a polished manuscript.

After having a first group of beta-readers, re-edited, re-edited, re-send to another group of beta-readers, (maybe pay for an editor) then I was left with two options: self-publish or traditional publishing.

As discussed previously about the publishing options here, this week I thought I would investigate, published authors or writers, their Synopsis.


Tuesday discussion

It is that time of the week. Thoughts, ideas and questions are exchanged from blogger to author; writer to reader. A weekend of consistent editing and late night reading sparked a topic that is heavily debatable in the literary world – prologues.

Prologues are a double-edge sword


Monday Motivation

Last week has been a successful week in writing.

I am a quarter of the way through the 1st editing stage of my novel and things are shaping into the way I envisioned them two years ago.

Whilst editing, I had a moment of clarity about blogging. Each week I tried to encourage writers to participate in #shortstories competitions and when I started my blog, my core value was to entice bloggers onto my page by sharing my writing journey, writing thoughts and relative questions for writing; visiting my blog for the interest of Douglas W. T. Smith.



My brother asked me, “what do I want to accomplish with writing?” The first thing that popped into my head was to leave a footprint. Not an environmental footprint but one I can call my own, show my own individuality and show my passion.

I learned from University, to create your literary footprint you must read a

diverse range of books to find your own voice. So I did. I read: teeth-clenching mysteries, predictable thrillers, philosophical fiction, dystopian science-fiction and heptalogy fantasy series (I had to google that, it’s a 7-book series); after all the page-flicking, I have found a voice I am comfortable to call my own.

I still read a wide range now. I found my genre I want to write in and now I read a diverse range of Fantasy writers.

My blog will also contain book reviews of all the books I have read, reading or hoping to read. To showcase, that I might have a bit more of an idea with writing than people tend to think.

For now I’ll let you ponder, as a writer or reader, on what kind of voice

you have in the literary world.


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