What To Do After A Rejection Letter?

It’s that time of the week – Tuesday Discussion.

For those new to my blog, each week I post a topic (relevant to my WIP) and try to unravel the mysteries and perspectives of it. I haven’t posted in a while but I want to stay on the topic of rejection letters.

Here is last weeks post, My First Rejection Letter and today I want to question:

What did you do after your rejection letter?

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To Build a World, Part Five

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been posting segments on fantasy world-building (hence the Part Five in the title).

Here are the past segments –

  1. How to Build a World, Part One.
  2. How to Build a World, Part Two.
  3. How to Build a World, Part Three.
  4. How to Build a World, Part Four.

This week I will be focusing on the subgenres of fantasy and how that can ultimately influence your world and novel.

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Four Steps to Structure a Novel Series

For people that have stumbled upon my blog, there is a common theme with my posts: the stage of my editing process for my novel.

Four steps to structure a novel series.

First things first: before you do anything else, you need to decide if a series is the right choice for the story you want to tell. There’s no point setting out to write a series just for the sake of it; it needs to be the right vessel to deliver your particular tale.
If you don’t intend to write a series, that’s fine but there are some points you can apply to stand alone novels.

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