Five Ways To Improve Your Character’s Voice and Dialogue

If you haven’t been following my blog, a few posts ago I mentioned my blog series focusing on character development for your novel.

If you missed the previous posts, you can find click on them here –

Backstory and Motivations

Below is the next post for my blog series on character development, ‘FiveWays to Improve your Character’s Voice and Dialogue.


Eight Ways To Create Your Characters Dialogue Distinctive

The last couple of posts have been revolved around supporting characters.

How to Create Supporting Characters

Five Rules for Writing a Large Cast of Characters

Whether it is a supporting or the main character, you need them to sound distinctive so the reader doesn’t get confused and know who is talking.

In an earlier post about dialogue, I pointed out that if your characters each have a distinct voice, you can get away with fewer dialogue tags. But how do you make them sound different from one another?

Here are eight things to consider when crafting distinctive dialogue.


Dialogue in Novels

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