Four Steps to Structure a Novel Series

For people that have stumbled upon my blog, there is a common theme with my posts: the stage of my editing process for my novel.

Four steps to structure a novel series.

First things first: before you do anything else, you need to decide if a series is the right choice for the story you want to tell. There’s no point setting out to write a series just for the sake of it; it needs to be the right vessel to deliver your particular tale.
If you don’t intend to write a series, that’s fine but there are some points you can apply to stand alone novels.


Four ways to Structure a Novel

‘Every story is—at the beginning—
the same opening of a door
onto a completely unknown space.’
–Margaret Atwood

An idea is like a seed – nurturing a seed with good quality soil and fertilizing mix, enough sunlight and watered lightly; will germinate and grow. Like an idea, having the right structure will flourish your idea into a novel.


Fantasy sub-genres

As I continue to edit through my first draft, I question what genre of fantasy is my book.

Here is a list of fantasy sub-genres from A World Without Ends (there are more, those intertwine with the others) :