Shadow Of The Wicked ON SALE!

Hey everyone, I know I’ve been plugging my book for the last few posts, and I promise to get back into the swing of other posts but to celebrate a month of Shadow Of The Wicked being live, the EBOOK is on SALE for only $0.99!!This special is only lasting for 1 more days so get onto it NOW!


Twin brothers–a sorcerer and a warrior–are each tortured for their opposing convictions. Will magick be restored or extinguished?

“Smith’s writing is comparable to Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ and Brandon Sanderson’s ‘Mistborn’ Saga.” – Gee Book Reviews

“The characters are rich, complex, and well developed. This novella is completely and utterly engrossing. It is suspenseful, intense, and full of raw emotion. I could not put it down and because of that, it was a very quick read for me.”Nicole Goodreads REVIEWER

“I got hooked on it from the very first page! It’s an amazing page-turner! The characters are solidly written and well developed. Their journeys have been well-crafted and written vividly.”Goodreads Reviewer.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Four ways to Structure a Novel

‘Every story is—at the beginning—
the same opening of a door
onto a completely unknown space.’
–Margaret Atwood

An idea is like a seed – nurturing a seed with good quality soil and fertilizing mix, enough sunlight and watered lightly; will germinate and grow. Like an idea, having the right structure will flourish your idea into a novel.


Tuesday Discussion

Since my last post a lot has happened and a week has passed. I apologize.

My new job, Teaching Children with Autism, has been exhausting and rewarding. It has taken up a lot of my free time and I am trying to build a routine to incorporate writing and blogging.

There is only one way to fit writing and blogging into a busy schedule; just do it.


This week’s #Tuesdaydiscussion is about: finding your literary voice. The narrative. 


Discussion Tuesday

Another week has come around and Tuesday’s discussion is upon us bloggers. 

This weeks topic

Write what you know.

At first, I thought it was referring to the genre. I know and love fantasy so I’ll write fantasy.

The more I have written, the more I have uncovered layers to this statement. 

For me I have found, it isn’t the know of genre to write, it is the themes within the story. Whether it is fantasy, romance, thriller, mystery, fiction or non-fiction. 

The themes of love, family, relationships and coming-of-age. These are the things I know, the things I have experienced.  

I could amend the original statement, and suggest 

Write what you have experienced. 

For discussion, comment the themes you have experienced? 

Is this how you interpret the original/ amended statement? Or was it something completely different? 

If you think someone has an interesting point of view, invite them or share this post to them.

#DWTSmith #writing 

Madness of Hallen 

The Madness of Hallen by Russell Meek.


It took too long to draw me in. The first ten chapters were really slow, alot of world building and telling instead of showing (except some scenes).
I wasn’t convinced with the relationship and hardship with Ohrl and Keysa. Maybe the second book will answer a few questions and cement the history, Meek tells us.

The reason I changed my review to 3 from 2 was some of the scenes. He shows them and made me feel immersed in those particular moments, especially the with the kaaldreer.

In saying all this, I still decided to finish for numerous reasons.

Firstly, I met him at a market in NZ selling his books. He told me the story of how it all begun, self-publishing story and his future plans. In that aspect, I admire him and respect him as an author.
Secondly, he is an indie author and self-published.
Thirdly, he designed and photographed the covers; and
Lastly, he is passionate about writing.

Overall, read the book but be prepared for a slow beginning.

Here is his website, Russell Meek.

and a trailer for Madness of Hallen.


Burimen Brothers – Part VI

I missed last Friday but #Fantasyfriday is back with an exciting new installment.

I hope you enjoy,

And here are all the previous installments!

I,     II,    III,   IV, and V

Happy reading and please leave feedback, (constructive criticism is never taken personally) like, or tweet if you enjoy it. Thank you.

P.s – for those who are reading and following the series, I changed the Brothers name. I wasn’t convienced sorry for any confusion. 

‘Are you crazy? I could’ve been killed,’ I yelled at them, struggling to stand up.

‘I told you he’d be mad Mother,’ Santhara smirked.

‘At least he isn’t dead.’

I bent over, holding my hands on my knees. Taking in deep breaths to calm down.


Short or/ and Long-term Goals

Hello everyone,

I’m back and it feels grand to be exploring blogs, absorbing ideas and, most of all, engaging with my followers online.

I had an interesting few days and I was dying to post new ideas and thoughts.

At the start of my blog I aimed for 50 followers and week, that was 6 weeks ago and I just reached 450! A lot more than I had intended and I am more than thrilled to know that I have attracted my blog across the 5 oceans. Thank you to all of you.

There was a reason for my boasting and that was to start the weekly Tuesday discussion.


Discussion Tuesday

I have been wanting to engage with all new followers and present followers, so I came up with this idea of Discussion Tuesday. A day to interact online directly to anyone on a few topics (first post for discussion, one will start it off).

The topic today is Reading.

Reading goes in the other hand of the pen like listening and playing music. I read a lot but I see other blogs reviewing an excessive amount of books, which I can not keep up with, as a writer.

I want to know if other writers feel the same.


Thank you!

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 12.14.46Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 12.17.13


Thank you to all the followers and viewers! I was surprised to see where people were reading my blog. I was shocked to see such a diverse range of people from different countries reading my blog – such as South Korea, Singapore and Croatia!

I could not be happier with the results I have been achieving. Thank you everyone again, and I will aim to entertain my audience with my thoughts, readings and writing.


#DWTSmith #grateful


In Our Time


In our time

your presence

has shined,

and glowed

a fluorescent warmth;

everything seems in shadow

when your presence

does not glow.

Always remember to forget,

the things that made you sad.

But never forget

the things that made you glad.

Always remember

the troubles that have passed away,

but never forget

the blessings that come each day.


#DWTSmith #poetry