Six steps for editing your manuscript

There are a lot of hurdles to writing great fiction, which is why it’s always important to keep reading and writing. We only get better by doing. Here are some self-editing tips to help you clean up your book before you hire an editor.

Six Steps for Editing Your Manuscript.


Tuesday Discussion

It is that time of the week. Thoughts, ideas and questions are exchanged from blogger to author; writer to reader. A weekend of slow editing as my mind wondered unto the process after editing – what to do with a polished manuscript.

After having a first group of beta-readers, re-edited, re-edited, re-send to another group of beta-readers, (maybe pay for an editor) then I was left with two options: self-publish or traditional publishing.

As discussed previously about the publishing options here, this week I thought I would investigate, published authors or writers, their Synopsis.