Monday Motivation

The main difference between the amateur and professional writer is: one shows up to work every day and the other one doesn’t.

For today, take a look at the way you go about your writing. Although it’s great to have a set schedule for your craft, you may need to mix things up a bit to bring back your groove.


Inspiration to Write

We all experience it, the lack of inspiration, motivation and daily problems weave into our creativity time but how do we deal with it.

How do we spark the creativity and sit down in front of the blinking cursor to write?

Between simple life hacks and prioritizing your writing, you can finish your story.

Here are several tips for how to find time to write:


Four ways to motivate yourself

For a writer, inspiration is the key to staying on course and finishing that novel, short story, or to begin generating ideas for a new project.

We have to learn and teach ourselves to push the boundaries of creativity beyond the page and look for ways to continue feeling motivated during those low moments.

Here are four tips to help inspire and motivate you to find ways to continue writing.


Monday Motivation

Last week has been a successful week in writing.

I am a quarter of the way through the 1st editing stage of my novel and things are shaping into the way I envisioned them two years ago.

Whilst editing, I had a moment of clarity about blogging. Each week I tried to encourage writers to participate in #shortstories competitions and when I started my blog, my core value was to entice bloggers onto my page by sharing my writing journey, writing thoughts and relative questions for writing; visiting my blog for the interest of Douglas W. T. Smith.