How Goal Sharing Can Finish That Novel

I made a habit to listen to podcasts whilst exercising (click here to see which ones I listen too) but one of my favourite podcasts is,  The Fantasy Fiends Podcast, and each episode they talk about the success or good things, related to writing, that have happened to them since the previous episode.

Taking the time to celebrate small achievements will give you a sense of accomplishment which will ultimately help tackle your larger goals.

At the end of each week and/or month, I am going to celebrate and share my accomplishments unto the virtual world.


Writers Podcast

The Easter long weekend is over. My absence was due to editing my manuscript and reading.

How did you spend your Easter weekend?

As you might be aware, I frequently do Tuesday Discussion posts. Whilst editing this post I stumbled upon a problem – each week has the same title.

To resolve this problem, from now on the title will be the topic like this post. I still want to engage in discussions with readers, writers, authors and bloggers but hopefully this might attract a wider audience and avoid confusion when referring to past posts.