To Overcome the Overwhelmed

Every writer gets overwhelmed sometimes. It’s a part of the craft—especially for those writing novels. I’ve often become the victim of the overwhelm and lost much time to it.

You are both the victim and the aggressor in this fight.

You must face yourself if you want to win. The first part of this fight is…


Why a list of weekend goals?

This weekend I have many goals to accomplish:

  1. Finish editing one of my characters story
  2. Complete a short story for competition – Furious Fiction
  3. Finish reading The Dragonbone Chair
  4. Mow the lawn
  5. Do the washing
  6. Build a bookcase; and
  7. Do some form of physical activity – walk the dog, run or ride my bike.

I want to be a weekend warrior – to achieve all these and have time for my partner is my definition of a productive two days.