To Build a World, Part Four

In last week’s post, I discussed some world-building basics for science fiction and fantasy writers. How to Build a World, Part Three.

These included tips of the geography and cities in your fantasy/ sci-fi novel but this week I will be looking at the themes of struggle and character development within the elements of fantasy.


Writers Podcast

The Easter long weekend is over. My absence was due to editing my manuscript and reading.

How did you spend your Easter weekend?

As you might be aware, I frequently do Tuesday Discussion posts. Whilst editing this post I stumbled upon a problem – each week has the same title.

To resolve this problem, from now on the title will be the topic like this post. I still want to engage in discussions with readers, writers, authors and bloggers but hopefully this might attract a wider audience and avoid confusion when referring to past posts.


A Year of a Blog

The earth has made one full revolution around the sun since I began my journey on WordPress. I am overwhelmed by the amount of followers that are curious and daring enough to follow my journey and exchange thoughts and ideas. 
An enormous thank you to the authors and writers that contribute each week to my discussions. 

I learnt a lot in the last year. The moment I stepped onto the virtual world is when I let my comfort zone disappear into abyss of consciousness.

If you have any suggestions or questions on what you would like to see, please comment below. If not I will assume you are enjoying my journey.

#DWTSmith #forgottencomfortzone

Sunday Short Story


Sunday short story – a short story on Sundays. You can either: choose to join and share yours; or read mine – either way you’ll be participating in the event.

Word Limit: 200-500 words.

Genre:Author’s choice

The idea behind it is to think outside your major project. Being completely absorbed by the one project seems daunting and frustrating. I feel it could be like music; you can love classical but listen to a bit of rock to make you appreciate the finer melodies.

I’ll begin with a short story I wrote today.



Day Of Birth

Today was my 29th birthday and my first birthday on my blog.

I am glad to share a life changing journey with all my viewers and followers. Thank you for reading and sharing my ideas and I hope in my one year growth of wisdom, my journey will inspire you for change or growth. (more…)