How To Push Through Writer’s Block

It’s been a while since I have posted on here and there are numerous reasons but the storm has faded.

Some days writing is hard.

Maybe the words aren’t flowing, or the writing time is interrupted by an unexpected emergency, or you don’t feel well. Any number of things can interfere with your productivity. A weakness for me is heat summer. I gaze out the window, I see the sun shining and my dog panting.

So, what do we do when we’re just off our game? Deadlines don’t go away and projects need to be finished.

Here are a few top tricks to help you write through the bad days:


Five Rules for Writing a Large Cast of Characters

To continue the theme from my last post How to Create Supporting Characters.

Supporting characters are essential in moving the plot and expanding the protagonist to a three-dimensional character but creating a large cast of characters can be extremely hard.

Large casts are quite common and difficult. Once you start factoring in each character’s personal contribution to plot and theme it can be confusing.

So here are five rules for writing a large cast of characters. (more…)