Resuming from Adventure

It has been twenty long days since I stepped into this realm. An almost three-week adventure I endured but every day I continued to edit my novel and every day I read.

I had a break from blogging. I love the online engagement but it was school holidays and I needed the space from blogging to return with more enthusiasm.

So, what did I do during my break? Here is a rough list of my achieved goals.

  • Close to finishing the second round of edits for my novel, I mean really close.
  • I finished the first book in the Memory, Thorn and Sorrow Series by Tad Williams
  • I completed several editing and writing short-courses.
  • My financeê and I secured a date and venue for our wedding; and
  • We went camping.

The reason why I emphasise lists and goals is that sometimes we need to remind ourselves of what we have achieved. We get caught up in the goals we set, deadlines,  daily routines and unplanned life distractions but if we remind ourselves of what we have achieved, it can help us move forward and motivate you to complete more or stay on task.